Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Is Almost Here!

Here we are at December 23rd.
My babies are getting more and more excited about the big day.  They are out of school, staying up really late watching Christmas movies and playing.  Which has also meana they have been sleeping in a little bit.

Last night we celebrated Christmas with extended family.
Aunts and Uncles and Cousins,
Grandparents, Parents

and even a bonfire.
Thank you Uncle John!

It was a cool and breezy night, pefect for cozy quilts (this is Jacob's) and smores.
And growing cousins!

And of course cool presents...
night vision goggles, legos, toy story and hot wheels ~
Boy Heaven!

And our house is ready for the big day.

We are so happy to receive so many fun Christmas cards this year.
Yesterday the only mail we got was Christmas cards!
No junk mail, no bills, nothing but
Christmas Cards!

That is the best!!!!

The stocking are hung from the fireplace!
We have a fireplace in our new home.
BUT we are under very strict rules from two little boys that we are not to have a fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

No burning Santa's booty!

Our sweet Little People nativity set has been loved on and played with.

And even our sweet Sadie the Lady is patiently waiting for Santa.
She is so happy we are all hanging around at home, instead of running like we normally do.

So we patiently await the big day.
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!


just call me jo said...

Your Sadie looks like our Barley (but Sadie is calm.) Love your advent calendar and the stockings and plates. So special. Enjoy.

Sharon said...

wow that was great update!!!!