Sunday, October 17, 2010


Our home is officially spookified for Halloween. 
The blogworld is such an inspiring place.
I have seen project after project that I wanted to make.

Here is our festive Halloween house.

The candy jars were inspired from

Candy Corn in one jar and M&M's in the other.
As you can see, we are an M&M family.

I found these cute stick on spiders at the Hobby Lobby (I think)
and stuck them all around the house.
The Frankenstein felt bag is from Target ($1.00 section)

Our dining room buffet.
My mom gave me that purple witch, she found it at Pier One this year.

There have been some AMAZING Halloween wreaths out there
but I loved the ribbon wrapped wreaths. 
I could not find the links to the wreaths I originally found
so please tell me if this was you idea.
(It certainly was not my original idea!  But this is my version)
There is that cute spider again!

But I also loved so many more out there...
Like this one at Tatertots and Jello
or this one also at Tatertots and Jello
or this adorable one at Lemon Tree Creations

And of course we decorated the outside of our house

Our blow-up ghost from Wal-Mart

A witch sign from The Hobby Lobby

And a light up pumpkin from Target.

These monsters are ready for Halloween.
Big J is set to be Buzz Lightyear, the little one is a bit indecisive.

First it was Iron Man, now Spiderman. 
I am sure in the next two weeks we will add Batman and Superman to the mix. 

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Crystal said...

I love your decor! The candy jar came out great, I like how you used thicker ribbon. I also really like your wreath, is that simply ribbon glued on?