Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Halloween kept going and going and going

I feel like we have been celebrating Halloween since Thursday.
We have had a great several days of Halloween but I think I am ready to move right along into November.

Cupcake making on Wednesday,
these were supposed to last us through at least a couple of days...

 Until our Sadie (1 year old yellow lab) got into the sealed container on top of the counter and decided to eat about 20 cupcakes when we were at soccer practice.

She is is a very bad, pain in the booty, mischievous dog.
At least my boys got to enjoy making the cupcakes (and the batter)!

Thursday night we headed off to the MOUSE for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween.
This worked out great, it was really close to Halloween and the boys each had NO SCHOOL the following day.  So getting home at 1:30 am was no biggie.
Yeah right, we (meaning me and the husband) were exhausted.
The boys were up and ready for the day at 7:30.

Seriously guys, sleep in. 
It's a good thing.

Big J has been into some really interesting faces lately.

Big J finally got to meet Buzz Lightyear, he was thrilled!

I am in love with Little J's face in this one.
The best, he is such a little brother!

If you ever get the opportunity to go to the Not So Scary Halloween party it is worth it.
The parade, the decorations, the characters, the candy, the fireworks!
All wonderful. 


My guys were dressed up and ready to go tonight.
Big J was Buzz Lightyear (see strange faces ~ he thinks he is BUZZ)
and Little J was a police officer

They had a blast tonight.
and loaded up on the candy
Good luck tomorrow teachers!!

Happy Halloween to all and to all a spooky night!


Let's take a coffee break said...

I am glad you had a great halloween. Your sons got into the halloween spirit! "Buzz Lighyear's" faces are so cute, hehehe and your other son, the police officer, also got into character with the serious police officer face. So cute :) I'm a new follower to you blog and you have some really cute stuff. Have a great week!

just call me jo said...

Our grandtwins trick or treated at Disneyland one year. Gotta love it! Cute costumes. Here comes November.

~Niki~ said...

just fun~love the pics.

aPearantly sew said...

I love all the funny faces your son was making in those pictures. So cute!

Amanda said...

Great pictures -- I just found your blog {I think from be different act normal?} We have been wanting to go to Mickey's Not so scary Halloween Party now for a few years -- but we are all the way in Indiana so a little harder to manage!!! But it will have to be soon -- before Joshua gets to "old" :(