Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pay It Forward

Have you seen this post from Shey B?
Please go read it.

I don't sell advertising spots on my blog
and I really have nothing to advertise on other blogs.
But I love my little blog space and I love all of their cool ideas and creations that my fellow bloggers make and sell.

I thought I would pay it forward.

Last year I asked a sweet blogger, The Craft Rookie, for some help and advice about blogging and she turned around and made me a button and gave me lots of help.
Thank you Craft Rookie! 

She was sweet to do this, and never asked for anything in return. 
She just wanted to help me out, so in turn I want to help someone else out.

So I thought I would offer what I can,
a blog post about your shop/product/blog and if you would like, a giveaway.

All for free.

Leave me a comment and tell me a bit about your blog or business (along with a link)
if you would like me to create a post on my blog in the coming weeks. 
Please be sure to leave your contact info.
I will randomly choose a winner next week (Tuesday 10/12/10)
and we can coordinate the details.

No charge, free to anyone who would like to get their name and product out there.
Just for fun.

Off to NYC this weekend for a fall trip with my mom!
I am hoping to see some of this.  This scene just doesn't happen in FL.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jocelyn said...

I just found your blog and I love it...can't wait to read more. I know I am new here but would you consider featuring me? I have a blog at
and an etsy shop
You can email me at

aPearantly sew said...

I found this post through Shey B's blog post on the same subject. I think the fact that you girls are willing to help shop owners out is great! I am new to blogging and just opened a shop. I would love it if you would consider hosting a giveaway for me!
My blog is...
and my shop is