Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am home from NYC.
A quick trip there and back.
My Mom and I left Friday morning and we arrived back home Sunday night.

 This guy is just cute, Big J was the red M&M for Halloween 2 years ago.

An amazing site,
6th Avenue completely closed for a street fair on Saturday morning.
Closed for blocks.

Some shopping,
and look who was walking past the window...

Yes, that is Ralph Lauren.
My mom recognized him immediately, he was dressed just like a Ralph Lauren ad.
Blue jeans, white collar shirt and a navy sweater over the shoulders.

Good eye Mom!

And there he goes to check out the window of J. Crew
I guess he's working.

Back to Anthropologie...
LOVED this store.
This was the store right next to Rockafeller Center.

Loved this!
A ladder with mason jars hanging from the rungs.
In each jar is a fall leaf from someone's porch.
So cute!

And I think this was just stunning.
It says "Gather" in leaves.
Sooooo pretty!

Jars again.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Another higlight of our trip was a visit to
The Purl Soho for the NYC Yarn Crawl.

I read The Purl Bee so I was so excited to see a post about the yarn crawl a couple of weeks ago and it just happened to be when we were there.

This shop is absolutely adorable.
Lots of colorful yarn, felt and fabrics.
So glad we were able to visit.

We "crawled" to 2 other stores on the yarn crawl but this one was by far the BEST!

(The Purl Soho)

(The Purl Soho)

(The Purl Soho)

Me and my Mom on the NYC bus tour.

This was our last day, Sunday.
Chilly and bright and beautiful.

Finally real fall weather.
No turning leaves yet, but you could tell they were on their way.
Lucky New Yorkers!

She took me to see Wicked.
I have seen this show in Orlando but to see it on Broadway was so wonderful.

Go see this show!

The back of the New Year's Eve ball.

Some images from The Fashion District.

This is my fabric from The Purl Soho.
I decided I wanted to make an apple quilt when I saw all of this cute apple fabric.

Thank you Mom for a wonderful trip!!


Sharon said...

Youre welcome i had a blast!

aPearantly sew said...

My husband and I were in NYC a few weeks ago with some friends. I just love it there! We also visited Purl Soho. Isn't a wonderful shop?! I want to go back just so I can spend more time in that store!