Thursday, April 22, 2010

My craft room - no boys allowed!

I have been working away to get my little room in our new house all girlied up, and I think it is getting there.

So welcome!

It has a door which is a very exciting part of the room - but for some reason the husband did not provide me a lock - hmmmmmmmm.

It's a fun and bright craft room, I made these panels for the window and they currently hang a bit too short - but who cares! 
The husband will someday hang the curtain rod lower,
it bothers him more than it does me.

This is my little sewing area.

My little, little Make Life pinwheel quilt hangs on the wall,
I wish I bought another charm pack.

And I found a box filled with things from my college years (I thought I lost those things) so my diamond board proudly hangs in my craft room.

Now, here is my latest quilt, it is another Make Life quilt made from jelly roll strips. 
I am lovin' it!

I gave it to Big J so now each of my boys have their own cozy quilts. 
Perfect fabric for a little boy.  This is Lil J's quilt, also from Sweetwater, can't wait for their next line of fabrics.

Hope you enjoy!  Happy Earth Day!


KarenSue said...

Oh Kristin! I'm so excited, I want to come over. You are so good.

Sharon said...

Looks fabulous! when did you get so girlie? Prob when you had boys! :)