Friday, April 16, 2010

Yep it got quiet

I think all of us moms know that quiet simply cannot mean anything good. 

At first you think, "awwww they are playing nicely and quietly in their rooms - wow I am such a great mom".  Then the quiet lasts for wwaayy toooooo loooong and you realize they must be up to something.  But the Y&R on the DVR is really gettin' good and you BEG for quiet sometimes and so you just let it remain quiet. 


One of them says, "mmmooooommmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy". 

Big J emerges from the hallway and says, "Jacob peed on the floor."  
Awwww thanks Jacob, that was so sweet! 
And the story continues, "he peed in the firehouse potty". 
Now seriously, WHAT!

So I get up and take a look in their bathroom and low and behold I find this little treasure filled with boy pee. 

What possesses boys to do these things!?!

And of course a lovely puddle on the bathroom floor.  The boy is nowhere to be found...hmmmmmm could he be guilty?  I think so.

So he finally enters the bathroom and all I can do is laugh.  He is looking for "new underwears".

The face of a very guilty boy.

Hmmmm, do you think the older one was in on it? 
(They are sitting on their little firehouse (dollhouse as I call it) where the little toilet furniture came from).

Watch out ladies, he could be your son in law one day.


Tonia said...

That's too funny. I have experienced worse! The sad part is it is with my daughter.

Kris {The Freestyle Mom} said...

I'll take him as a son-in-law any day! He'd be great with my daughter who is so kind to take off her undies and then pee on the floor.

I guess I should have added, "But only if you use a toilet instead" when I told her she'd be rewarded for not wetting her pants for the whole day.

Leslie said...

i can absolutely see my son doing this!! this was really funny...cute boys

Ashley said...

Hi! I've just spend hours looking at your blog! I love it!! This story reminded me of when my kids were little. My oldest son was about 3 and my daughter was 2 and as I was walking up the stairs I could hear her saying to him "I bet you can't".... as I walked into the bathroom he was filling her NEW shoe with pee and they were both laughing! I almost died! BOYS!!

LOVE your blog, your amazingly creative and the boys are adorable!