Thursday, April 15, 2010

Springtime in FLA

This spring as been wonderful around here.  Lots of "yellow trees" and even "pink trees" blooming EVERYWHERE (don't know their proper name)!
And the weather has been perfect!

Both boys are playing soccer for the Y and the husband is even the assistant coach. 

At least they still like to hug us!

Big J likes to let everyone know he is #1.  I really don't know where he picked this up.  Maybe from watching too much ND football with his daddy - just sayin'.

We also went strawberry picking with the B's.  Great day and good berries.
They even had a zip line for the kiddos.

Our sweet cousins came to visit from Michigan and of course we headed over to Disney.

Lil J is actually asleep in the picture.

And of course the Easter Bunny came and brought goodies for the boys, including new bird houses to paint.

And this is our first year to dye Easter Eggs - they loved it.

Now onto summer, I think we will be spending lots of time here...

Happy Spring!


KarenSue said...

If you check my blog you will have the name of those yellow trees. I want one for Mothers day. Great weekend for you guys. No pictures of cousins?

B Lines said...


You don't know me, but I love your posts. I gave you an award if you want to check out my blog.