Sunday, February 14, 2010


 My Sweet Little Blog,
I have missed you, sorry for neglecting you.  I will try to get better. 

Thank you Rania all the way from Greece (how exciting!) for emailing me today!  I so appreciate you writing to me and encouraging me to write more.  
Thank you!  Thank you!
I am still in shock that anyone reads my blog.  I love hearing from you!

Things have been moving at a waaayyyy toooooo rapid pace over here lately. 
We have under a month until we close on our house, which means we must move out BEFORE that. 
The kids have been puking...
the dog got spayed...
 room mom and photo mom duties...
injuries at IKEA (yeah I am mad at IKEA now)...
my sister moved halfway up I-4 (not happy about this either)
Things are just CRAZY around here.

We have begun a really exciting time.  We are moving.  This is really scary and really exciting all at the same time.  We get to start fresh with a new style.  According to Real Simple Magazine's March issue, my decorating style is "cozy casual". 
LOVE IT!  Dead on.

Our current home is mostly tan, lots of browns and tan.  I want to move away from that into a much different color scheme.  More blue-gray, gray, cream, etc.  The husband and I picked up EVERY paint sample booklet at Lowes today and I found this bookley from Olympic.  It's titled "Welcome"  I like it.

I am sure lots of before and after photos will be coming soon.

In the meantime, here are my little ones at preschool. 
If I could keep them in preschool forever I really think I would do it. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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KarenSue said...

I couldn't say anything because I know how busy you are but I'm glad someone else did. That just tells you how much you are loved in blog land. Happy Valentines Day!