Tuesday, February 16, 2010

trying to be a decorator

My friends right now are Etsy and Ebay as I decorate my boys' rooms at the new house. 

If you have an Etsy shop I have probably been to it (at least if it contains vinyl or kids decorating stuff).

This is harder than I thought it would be.  I really want to get it right, make the boys'  rooms really boyish but sweet at the same time as they are still just 4 and 3 years old.  We have plenty of time icky, smelly boy rooms!

Lil J is getting firetrucks (he is going to be my little fireman one day) and Big J is unbelievably on the monster truck kick so his new room will be a newer version of his old monster truck room.

This is their rooms now. 

One major change that is coming is that we will no longer have a little one in a crib.  Lil J is FINALLY getting his own big bed (that one converts into a full size bed, we just need to get the mattress).

I am waiting to get into the new house to start removing some wall paper and painting their new rooms.

Lots going on around here.  The last phase of our home sale is underway, the appraiser came today and I think we just have the closing to do (oh yeah and the move) and we have officially sold our house. 

I would love to hear all of your advice on how to decorate a house.  I have been collecting a bazillion paint samples and printed as many pictures as I can of ideas. 

Part of me thinks it is best to take it slowly (room by room) BUT this house is different as much of the house is an open floorplan so I want the decorating to flow from room to room.

Any decorators, old pros, or just anyone with some good decorating advice out there???  I would love to hear from you!


Veronica said...

I like it, you have done a great job.

Jen said...

the rooms are looking great and coming together nicely!!! I'm not good at decorating...wish I was.

Katie Epstein said...

I am no pro...but I have moved with little kids twice...and I recommend (if possible) to have the house all painted before you move in. Even though it is hard to choose colors...do it before you move in...then you can do each room as you go

And a little tip I read the other day...when you go to pack your clothes from your dressers...DON'T pack them in boxes. Take each drawer out, wrap them up in plastic moving cellophane stuff...less boxes...less messes...and then you have all your clothes ready to go! Wish I had done that!
If I think of more...I'll let you know!

kheaney said...

You are all so sweet to leave me your advice and comments.

Katie, I am taking your advice on the dresser drawers. Good one! And we are definitely painting before we move in. That is in the works now.

Thanks all! Kristin