Saturday, February 20, 2010

the enemy


Yes, wallpaper.  I am in the middle of taking the wallpaper off of the walls of our new house.  I thought I would be brave and tackle the one bathroom filled with wall paper and 2 bedrooms each with borders (and oh yes borders under the borders) all in one weekend. 

I thought I would just buy the ever so NOT amazing product called Wall Wick (anyone heard of it) to remove the enemy.  Did some research online and lots of good reviews, etc. Well, it didn't work out that way for me. 

Scoring, soaking, peeling, scraping, repeat.  And this is just the bathroom. 

The borders in the kids' bedrooms are a different story.  One layer came off and the second layer is stuck to the drywall and there is some damage underneath.  I am actually considering putting a new border on top of the old one. 

OH, and has anyone seen this paintable wallpaper?  Looks interesting. 

Well, at least my new Make Life by Sweetwater Moda Jelly Roll arrived so I can get back to work on my quilt.  Loving this fabric! 


Jo said...

Try full strength vinegar - yes vinegar- put it in a spray bottle - spray and fully wet it let it sit for abt 5 min - I have found this is the only thing that worked on the 4 layers in each room of my 1898 home.I tried all the wonder products and an older friend told me abt using vinegar I guess the acid eats the paste.

kheaney said...

Jo - did you score the walls first or just spray it right on top of the wallpaper? I will definitely try it! Thanks.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

That fabric is my new favorite. Good luck with the wallpaper!