Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Get Packin'

We did it. 
We sold our house in just one week. 
I am happy and sad -
happy that this process was so quick in this stinkin' market...
and sad to say goodbye to our first home.

Now comes the hard part. Packing this house and moving our stuff down the road.

I have been begging for boxes at the Publix and Target today.
I don't know where to begin but I guess I will start tomorrow while the little ones are at school.


Lorie said...

I wish you lived close to me. We just moved and I would LOVE to get rid of all the boxes in my garage! said...

oh wow! what a bittersweet time!
we just moved and used a ton of boxes that paper reams come in.

my hubby got them from work and my mom got them from the school.

we were able to get almost 50 of them. wine boxes are good too for glasses and stuff
oh and are you up for 2 tips??
(you may already know this)...
but... pack breakables in your clean towels and dishcloths
this made the process so easy and less paper lying all around
also i numbered a notebook page as i was packing and put the corresponding number on the box that way when the box arrived i knew how quickly i needed the box just by glancing at the notebook

all the best

Skamamama said...

yay Yay YAY congrats on the quick sell!
we sold in the summer and the buyer wanted it ALL so we sold our house furnished. since our house was onthe market for 4 months we just said DEAL! crazy!

Linda said...

I'll second the wine box suggestion. If you have a liquor store in town ask them for boxes. The boxes are normally sturdy and small enough that they are wonderful for books and glassware.

Katie Epstein said...

Try looking for boxes on craigslist in your town if you have one. One mans trash is another mans treasure...happy packing to you and yours!

kheaney said...

Thank you all for the great moving advice. My sweet friend gave me many of her moving boxes yesterday so we have a wonderful head start. It will be a busy couple of weeks! I miss sewing and crafting :(

bingo~bonnie said...

oh wow - that IS exciting!!! especially for the market right now. In the past we've sold both of our previous 2 homes within a week of putting out the for sale sign and what a rush I remember getting both times when offers and negotiations starting rollin :) fun. fun.

SO happy for you! Love from Texas! ~bonnie