Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day Crafts and a Turkey Day Play

Here is my little one, who is not so little anymore. He has proved that over and over this past week. First the big news, this little guy is now officially potty trained. He was my dream child, completely trained over a weekend, nighttime too! And today he had his first class performance on a stage in front of a room full of parents taking bazillions of pictures. He did great. My little pilgrim!

I have also been happily sewing each night in preparation for Turkey Day. I have discovered I love working with felt. So almost everything I have made this past week incorporates felt in some way. This is my "Happy Thanksgiving" sign hanging from our dining room ceiling.

I have seen this fabric wreath on several blogs, cannot remember which ones at the moment, but I thought I would give it a whirl. I like it. The husband looked up at dinner (its also in our dining room) with a "what is that?" look on his face. Just to make him happy I told him that I would be moving it into our bedroom once the season is over. He was thrilled.

And I found a tutorial for this little guy over at Make it and Love it. This is for a certain 2 week old baby boy (his momma, my lil sis, loves owls).

And last but not least, the kiddos will be at their own table this year. This one to be exact, with a table cloth and some cute decor and these on their chair backs. I hope they will like them. I also have another sweet craft for the kiddos but I will post those after Turkey Day.

Almost ready for the big day, just gotta get cookin' and cleaning! That is what tomorrow if for.

In the meantime I am waiting patiently to find out more about my ornament swap buddy. My ornaments are made and sitting here waiting to be shipped of to somewhere exciting.

I am also brainstorming an idea that I may have to get my friend the Craft Rookie involved in. Hmmmm.....this might be interesting.
Gobble, Gobble!

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