Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 New Quilts

These are my latest quilts.

The first one I gave to my mother in law a couple of days ago...

I tried a swirly/looping motion to quilt this time - it was actually much easier than the meandering motion. I will have to do that again.

And this is our Christmas quilt.

Which I am actually a little upset over because the red on Santa bled onto the white on that fabric panel. It really isn't that noticeable unless you are close up - but I notice it.

It kind of looks like one of my boys spilled Kool Aid on it - maybe I will blame them for it! J/K

This is the back, a simple patchwork of the Moda "Isn't Christmas Jolly" line.

I have actually gotten an order from a friend of a friend to do a t-shirt quilt for Christmas. And an order from a family member to do 5 small quilts for baby dolls.

I can't believe it.

If you asked me in June if I would be making quilts in December for Christmas gifts I would have looked at your like you were crazy.

But here I am! Getting ready to start Mom's quilt for Christmas. Fabric should be here soon.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Everyone!


KarenSue said...

Beautiful guilts!
Ok smarty pants now you have to help me with the signature.

kheaney said...

Go to that site you told me about - I think it is or something like that. Google blog signatures and it came up for me. Then create a signature for your self and then save the image on your computer and it will be there whenever you want to use it and you would add it to a post just as you would a picture. If it doesn't work I can walk you through it on the phone tomorrow. K