Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An actual blog award!

A blog award, an actual award. This is so exciting!
My sweet blog friend Dani at The Craft Rookie nominated me for this sweet award tonight. She is awesome, she is the one who made my cute little button, see the green polka dot button up there on the left...yeah, she made it just because she is nice - she's awesome!

These are some of my favorites! I hope you check them out.

Sue Bees
This my Auntie Sue and she has been blogging for awhile now. She is really into thrifting and good finds! She guided me through my butterfly garden this summer which has sadly been eaten by a 5 month old yellow lab pup.
Check her out.

Amy Smith Photopgraphy Blog
Check out these pictures Amy takes. Seriously, she is amazing. I wish I had one millionth of one percent of the photography talent she had. Oh and she is taking our family pictures in December - can't wait. She does beautiful stuff.

NieNie Dialogues
Ok, who hasn't heard of NieNie? She has been on Oprah recently, that must make her a superstar! Seriously, take some time to read all of her old posts as well as the post accident ones. It is unbelieveable what she has been through.

Camille's blog is so pretty. I am into quilting so I just love to look through her wonderful photos of her quilts, her home, her fun posts. Go check her out!


KarenSue said...

Oh you silly girl. Thank you! And I see you have a new header. Love it! I'm next please.

kheaney said...

Sure! I will try to pull some pictures off of your blog and create on for you. If you want you can email me some pictures too.