Monday, November 2, 2009

TDC Before & After Party - Again!

The Thrifty Decor Chick is having another before and after party -
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So we have done some major renovations in our sweet little house. Every inch of this place has been redone in some way, but I wanted to share our 2 biggest before & afters.
They are quite exciting!
First is our kitchen, please put on your sunglasses for the first picture - the counter top is straight from 1974, the year the house was built.
It is just fabulous!
This picture was taken the day we saw it with our realtor. The house was great, new paint, new carpet, not a bad price and then we walked around the corner and found this little beauty. WHOA!

You see we were married about 3 weeks prior to seeing our house for the first time and all of our money was going to the down payment, this kitchen was a shocker but we managed to do a sweet little kitchen on a tight budget.
Originally we painted it a dark green and we do not have the table anymore -
this was pre-kiddos, see only 2 chairs.
And this is our kitchen today, literally today. I just took this picture :D
Getting the itch to paint it again. Not sure what color but tan is getting on my nerves,
too much tan in our house!

And now for our biggest before and after, the outside of the house.
Here it is on June 10, 2003 - for sale sign in the yard and all.
Not sure if you can see the house numbers (1197) but they were so incredibly ugly that they were ripped off the house the day we closed on it.
And here it is after some clean-up work...

And then in March 2004 we painted the whole house in one day. We used to accomplish so much when we didn't have the boys. I cannot imagine painting a front door in one day with the kids now. Plus we had help from our friends.

And here it is today, again I took this picture today. The landscaping has changed, and grown quite a bit. And the mailbox that the husband bought in 2005 was installed within the last year. It is also fun to see our parade of different cars throughout the years.

And there you go, our kitchen and our sweet home. Hope you enjoyed it!


Tamera said...

Great changes and what a difference! I hear you on the subject of time pre-kids...I wish I was as much of a DIY'er as I am now!!
Oh, well...just takes a little more patience, right?
Thanks for sharing!

Traci @ Beneath My Heart said...

Great transformations!
Your kitchen looks wonderful! I think I would have laughed my head off it I had seen that orange countertop! But you have done a great job making it look so up to date. And the outside of your house is beautiful. I bet you love pulling up in the driveway and seeing it each day.
I am the mom of FOUR boys! I know...catch your breath!
It's double what you've got. I totally know how hard it is to get things done since I have had kids. But I wouldn't trade it!
Bless you and your sweet family!

Sarah said...

WOW, you have made some amazing transformations... I'm impressed! God's blessings, Sarah :D