Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving is coming...

My Big J has apparently grown about 5 extra years on me.
He decided he wanted a belt and for his Thanksgiving Worship at his preschool he wore is little belt and dress shirt and dress shoes. He looked so cute and not at all like a 4 year old.
Mommy and Daddy were so proud to see him and his sweet class sing Our God is an Awesome God (sign language included!) in front of the parents, he even took a bow at the end.
That is my baby!
Here is a proud Daddy with his boy.

And a proud mommy with her baby!

Some absolutely adorable pilgrim and indian artwork.

And one very sweet boy. Love him!

Lil J's Thanksgiving celebration is next week and he will be on stage singing a song with his little class. I will be sure to have my camera ready!
We have started an eventful weekend of potty training Lil J. He has been a dream child so far. I cannot believe I will not have to buy diapers anymore. This is a wonderful thing people!

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KarenSue said...

You should be proud! What a cutie pie.