Monday, July 5, 2010

Quilt As You Go - Making Progress

I have been making blocks for a new quilt. 

I saw this post at Red Pepper Quilts a couple weeks back and loved this idea. 

Penny at sewtakeahike completed a quilt using this technique - check it out here.

Pretty impressive!

This is my progress so far. 
Not sure how big it will be, these blocks take a bit of time to stitch.

I am using up lots of scrappies here.

I have completed 10 blocks (each are 11 inches square). 
Some I love, some are just so-so and one I hate and will probably toss.

Some are color blocked and some are just random pieces of fabric thrown together.

I am loving using the selvages in the blocks, I think I save each one.

I think this blue one is my favorite block so far.

I just got that black and red polka dot fabric yesterday with Katie P.
She took me to this crazy fabric sale and we both loaded up.


I really like this red one too.

Just so-so.

This is the one I am probably going to toss.  Yuck, I just don't like it.

Anyone else ever used this technique?

I am really not sure about how the back will turn out. 
Should be interesting!
PS - wish the photos were prettier but it has been raining and cloudy here in the sunshine state for the past 3 days. 


Brandi said...

That is cool! I think I may have to try it! :)

Brandi said...

That is cool! I think I may have to try it! :)