Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Milestone

My baby lost his first tooth this morning.
He was playing the Wii this morning and casually came into the family room and said,
"mom, my tooth fell out."
We have been trying to get him wiggle that thing out for weeks,
the tooth behind it is almost all the way in.

The tooth fairy will come to our house tonight for sure!
I made my little guys pouches for their teeth when the tooth fairy comes.
We'll see how it works out tonight.
She is sure to love it!

We also had a little art time in the front yard this morning
with our favorite girls down the street.

They each split a canvas in half and had their own little space for painting.
We needed a little outside creative time around here.

Even mommy was gettin' creative with the camera.
Trying full manual mode for the first time.
Practice, practice, practice!

The two shots below are in manual mode. 
I have been shooting in aperture mode for some time now and feel
that I have the hang of that. 
Now I need to bring it all together;
shutter speed
the right light
and many more things I know very little about

If only my little subjects would stay still...
not likely!

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