Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FWQAL More Blocks and a Big Fail

I am moving right along here on my farm for the farmer's wife quilt a long.

Now 9 blocks total.
And one very big fail block.

Here it is, the homemaker block with the Y seams.
I have never done a Y seam and thought of course I can handle do it.
I can do the single girl curved piecing so why not this?!?
Um, apparently I cannot do this correctly.
This will wait for another day.
I am glad though, I really don't like my fabrics for this block.
Moving on.

These are my successful blocks done this week.
Gentleman's Fancy block with a little Flea Market Fancy,
like that!

The Homeward Bound block with a cutie little cowboy.

And the Jackknife block.
I really like this one, it is Kate Spain's Central Park
and some green dots from my fabric stash.
Some of the prints from Central Park seems to work nicely with Sunkissed.

Looks like the Kitchen Windowbox is up next.
Anyone else out there a Farmer's Wife???
Leave me a comment, I would love to follow along!

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Dianne Neale said...

Oh boy. That Homemaker is brilliant. I don't even know where to start so Mine will look even worse I'm sure. Im doing them in the order of the letters, so I have a while before i get there!