Monday, July 25, 2011

Friday Started with a Bang

Actually it started with a boom, 2 really.
The last sonic booms from a long time.
A little before 6 am on Friday the house shook as the space shuttle Atlantis came home.
The boys didn't hear it, but it woke me up.
Wonderful sounds.

Then it was off to the final day of VBS for the summer.
The kids had their celebration in our church's sanctuary and all 300 of them sang to us.

My sweet boys were up there singing too.

Then it was off to see a great concert with these sweet ladies.

(New Kids on the Block and BackStreet Boys)
It was great, beyond great.
One of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Matthew Morrison (from Glee) opened up and did a great job.

NKOTB & BSB performed together and then switched on and off throughout the night signing their own songs.

And since BSB is from Orlando, they had a special surprise for us.
They brought Boyz II Men on stage and they sang three songs for us.
So much fun!

I am so glad I went.
But of course the night ended,
 the girls dropped me off at my car and they headed back up to their home. 
 Headed to I-4, took a wrong turn and
found the tour bus,
got out and got Joey McIntyre's autograph and picture.

This is the cell phone pic I was texted by my wonderful friend.
UGHHHHH, I was so upset they had already dropped me off!
But so happy for her, she is a big fan.

Next time they come back we are going,
and waiting around for the autographs!

Fun, fun weekend!!!


kristastitched said...

OMG! I was such a diehard bsb fan in my teen years, lol. I had them plastered all over my bedroom walls! How fun that you got to go to that concert :D

just call me jo said...

Rock on, lady. It's fun to relive our youth and our oldth.