Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Treats

I found this awesome site that called Tagxedo that make free tag clouds.
Like this one...
I made this at the Tagxedo site in about 2 seconds. 
Just copied in my blog url and played with the options a couple times. 

Which brings me to Jacob's class valentine treats.
I did the same thing but instead of using a url, I typed in the names of the kids in Jacob's class and his teachers and created this in the shape of a heart.
Then I printed several of the images (because you can just save the image on your computer) and a sheet of photo fabric paper.

The teachers each got a coffee cozy with their kiddos names on them.

And the kiddos got this little felt pouch with the same image on the back.
I put a couple of crayons and some candy inside for Valentines Day and thought this would be great for mom's to keep in their purse with crayons and coloring sheets.

And the back makes an extra pocket.
You know for hot wheels and stuff.
Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day!


aPearantly sew said...

I always love to see a new post from you, because you are so stinkin' creative! I love both of these ideas. I bet the teachers LOVED their coffee cozies. I think that is such a great idea.

Lexie & Jeff said...

Awesome site, i've never heard of it. And your cozies and treat pouches are simply adorable. Great, unique gifts with a purpose. Love!

Larissa said...

I was here reading your quilting tutorials and found this great/creative valentine idea! Love it. I can't wait to read more of your blog... Thanks again for taking the time to share!