Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A REALLY Special Quilt

My Auntie Sue surprised me the other day by telling me that she saved a hexie quilt top that my Great Grandmother (Grandma Edie) made. 

I had no idea it would be so wonderful when she gave it to me the other night.
It is absolutely beautiful!
And a bazillion times more because my great grandmother made this.

And she said that these are pieces of my grandmother's clothes
(Grandma Edie's daughter and my mom's mom...I called her Ummie).

It is huge, and I could not get a picture of the whole thing but I will soon.

Look at all of those stitches.
I have not measured it but I am thinking it is a queen size quilt.

4 Generations later and my little one is peeking out from under it!
Thank you so much Auntie Sue! 
I can't wait to finish it!!


Rebekah of Schenewark Farm said...

I love it! That's called English Paper Piecing and that particular pattern is called Grandmother's Flower Garden. I have two of those hand stitched paper piecing quilts going. One is the grandmother's flower garden (that I don't have pics of on my blog yet... and the other is this pattern that I made up myself...

That quilting technique is super easy and you can take it with you wherever you go to work on it... boys soccer practice, school pick up line, etc.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

What a wonderful, amazing surprise. You must be thrilled!

Ellen said...

What a treasure! And isn't it cool that the pattern stands the test of time? So cool that you get to finish a family heirloom.

KarenSue said...

You are welcome and you are who this quilt should be with. Can't wait to see it all finished. Now I know why I didn't have it quilted, I was saving it for you and didn't know it.

aPearantly sew said...

It's amazing that she did all that by hand! What a special thing to have passed down to you.