Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Both Babies at Preschool

Both of my babies are officially in preschool. 
Lil J started this morning and did beautifully!  Not a tear, not a "mommy, when are you coming back?"  No clinging to my leg - just a big boy excited about preschool. 

He ran the whole way there - from the parking garage to the front steps of the building. 

His big brother even drew him a picture before school. 
It's on the fridge to be saved forever.

Our famous car seat picture, I have one for both boys.

The theme of the classroom is lions -
a particular favorite of mine.

Their class mascot is Louie the Lion.  So sweet.

My little one is not little anymore.  He will be 3 at the end of the month.  My baby. 

PS - Guess who the room mom is??

Can you guess, yeah it's me.  I am so excited!


Sheila said...

YEA! Good job, room mom! You will be the STAR of that classroom! My mom was ALWAYS room mom EVERY YEAR up until I hit middle school-seriously! She rocked!! Everyone, kids and teachers both - loved her!!!

KarenSue said...

Big Boy Jacob! They just grow so fast. I was a room mother once! That was the end of that! Too much work for me.

Jason said...

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