Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Redecoration begins

I am starting with Big J's room. I have never been content with his room, maybe it is the paint colors but this will be the third major redecoration of his room and he just turned 4. I am going with the Monster Truck theme. He really loves ANYTHING that goes but is especially in love with all things monster trucks. I am going to actually paint the room this time. I started today by taking everything off the walls and patching the 1 millions little nail holes in the wall. I also moved some furniture around. I have some cute things planned, I hope it turns out nice for him.

Next will be Lil J's room. I am putting this one off because I absolutely love his room. I love the paint on the wall, the bedding set, the valance and the cute pillows that go with his room. I really don't want to change it, I will have to think about this one for awhile.

The husband informed me that after we repainted the walls of our foyer, living and dining rooms that he actually hates the paint color. Really??? Why are you telling me this now? So I would like to redecorate our bedroom but he is quite particular about decorating things - the little diva. But one project at a time.

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