Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daddy is on his way home!

Yeah! I have made it through my first time of the hubby being gone for several days. Daddy is on his way home and we are picking him up at the airport tonight. My boys have done well, upset only a couple of times that Daddy was away. My sweet Big J said something so wonderful to me last night as I was getting them in their jammies for bed. Big J put his hands on my face to hold it to look at him and he said, "mommy, you make my heart happy." My sweet love!

I had Miss M babysit today - she hasn't been over in a long time so Big J cried when I left. To my surprise, Lil J was perfectly fine. He has been my clingy one for so long. I got them surprise monster trucks at the Target and they LOVED them, they are playing monster truck jam as I write this. They are such wonderful, sweet little guys. I love them to the sun, the moon and starts and all the way back :D~

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