Monday, August 22, 2011

Photo Challenge Days 17-22

Day 17 - On the Shelf
Fabric of course, I really need to use these up.
And  hanging from the shelf are my grids.
Estate sale find.

Day 18 - In my bag
Not too exciting, but I got a new Vera Bradley for the fall.
Wallet, checkbook, glasses and case, gum, iPhone and hand sanitizer.

Day 19 - Where I slept
My side of the bed.
Don't let the innocent lab on the ground fool you, she slept there too.
Little one left his blankie. 

Day 20 - What I read
I read on my iPhone, yes on my phone with the Kindle app.
I have not read this much in a long time but it makes it so easy.

I have read these books months ago and I am currently reading Ethereal.
Hoping to see The Help very soon.
The Hunger Games is coming out as a movie too.

Day 21 - A pretty pattern
Grandmother's Flower Garden
This quilt was made by my great grandmother, probably in the 1930's or 1940's.
My Aunt had the quilt top and she gave it to me.
I had it quilted and finished the binding and now it lives in my bedroom.

Day 22 - Trees
Pink Tabebuia Tree
I took this back in March of this year, these are not at all blooming in FL right now.
I absolutely love this tree...
The bad part about FL is that we do not get the fall leaves changing,
but we do get this for a couple weeks.


Em-Jae said...

great pictures! my sneaky dog loves to cuddle on my bed, too :]
the pink tree is stunning!

LaQuita Luv said...

Did you come up with the list yourself or find it somewhere?