Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 2 and Day 10

Ok, so I am playing catch-up with
the 30 day photo challenge at

Here is my Day 2 (which was taken on Day 10)
What I wore

This photo was taken with my iPhone Hipstamatic app
I made the necklace over the weekend,
it is a lower-case cursive k inside the pendant.
And of course my little pocket tee from Target.

And Day 10 - Something I made.

I made a baby quilt for my dear friend Angel.
She is due soon with her 1st baby, a little girl.
Here is a just a little bit of it, I have not given it to her yet!

And I am proud to say this photo was taken inside in full manual mode.
FLA is really dreary right now.

1 comment:

Em-Jae said...

love that necklace! your friend is quite lucky to have a handmade blankie :]