Monday, November 8, 2010

Money, Money, Money

Fall finally arrived and our weekend was beautiful for a fall festival and 
we raised A LOT of money over the weekend.  

(A top of the parking garage shot of our Fun Fair/Silent Auction - still setting up)
WE meaning the silent auction committe for my boys' preschool. This is my third and final year on the committe and I am happy and sad to see it go.

Fundraising is WORK, lots and lots of work but it is nice to see those numbers and what they will do for a LOVED little preschool (this is the preschool I went to as a little one).

We filled 3 rooms full of donated items for our silent auction.
My job was to create all of those "tent cards" they describe each if the items.

This was the amazing construction class basket, we were quickly outbid for this one.
I told Lil J to ask Santa for something like this.

Each year the teachers have their class make a handmade item.
This was Lil J's class item.
I stood guard over this sweet platter.
I won the platter for Big J's 3 year old class and I am so glad I won Lil J's platter.

 I am pretty proud of this photo wall, I took these pictures of the kiddos at the preschool.
Last year we started a photo round-up.  Each child has their picture taken in a cowboy hat and we print and mount the pictures for the parents to buy.  All of the money go straight to the school. 

And of course there is the fun fair...
Pony Rides,
A little train,
THE FIRETRUCK from Station 1 !!!!!
Bounce Houses and a lot of other stuff.

These boys had a great time.
Now I can get my life back in order.

Things have been so hectic around here that I forgot to pay the power bill, they were going to shut off our service in 2 days. 

Like I said, we are getting our lives back in order around here.
Plus stupid daylight savings time was over the weekend,
Guess who was up with the sun this morning, and extra hour early!
Not good news for the night owls!

I am really excited ~ and flattered to be asked to make ~ a project that will be coming up soon.  It has a little something to do with Christmas...

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