Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello Christmas!

First let me give some credit to Thanksgiving. 
It is right smack in between Halloween and Christmas and can get passed over.

I brought out the good china and crystal for it once a year visit.

The kiddos' Thanksgiving artwork was proudly displayed on the wall.

It was a nice day filled with family, yummy food and cousins playing together...

and then little one got sick
again, and again, and again.

He is feeling a bit better now but hanging at home with mommy on this Cyber Monday.
(and no I did not go to any Black Friday sales,
my three year old was throwing up on me instead. 
It was great, maybe we can do it again next year!)
So let's back up a couple of days to the day before Turkey Day.
I had an ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC idea to take my sons to the Millennia Mall to see Santa.
We got there right when the mall opened at 10 am. 
I thought for sure there would be NO ONE in line,
yeah, no I was wrong.

$40 bucks, a rude little elf telling me "no personal photos ma'am" (after trying to take a crappy iPhone picture of my kids with Santa...and I don't like this "ma'am" stuff) and an hour and a half later we left with these sweet Santa shots

These little guys are SOOO into Christmas this year.
So many questions, I am trying to keep up.

Now we are decorating away for Christmas

The tree is up and we had our first fire (in the fireplace) while watching
The Polar Express.

A quilted Christmas table runner

THE BEST Candle from Anthro, it smells exactly like a Christmas Tree.

We are ready for Santa,
is your Santa list ready??

Now I am going to wait until someone alerts me that I have won a Silhouette from one of the MANY giveaways I entered this past weekend.
OK, I am going to keep dreaming because I have never won anything in a blog giveaway.
But you never know.

Happy Cyber Monday!


DanielleisNesting said...

I love that you used the kids artwork! I put up my boys stuff too! My son was so proud!

just call me jo said...

Happy Cyber Monday to you too. Sorry about the throw up stuff. But those pictures are great. That was a dandy Santa, huh! Your house looks beautiful. Maybe I should actually put up a tree.

Sharon said...

The absolutely best pictures! Sorry Jacob was sick! Hope he's better now!

KarenSue said...

First and most important! YOU WENT TO ANTHRO WITHOUT AUNTIE SUE! What are you thinking? Let's not let that happen again. OK?
Hope little one is better now.
What happened to your button?
I have won 4 giveaways..ha ha..even though you have passed me by with followers.
Your table looks great and I love the Christmas decorations.
See ya soon,
Luv ya!