Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Kentucky Derby Hat

Taking a break from all the sewing and quilting lately,
I decided to create a Kentucky Derby hat today.
We have a party for our friend's daughter this Saturday
 and she said to be sure to bring our hats!

So I bought this floppy black hat at Target today for $12.99
and some ribbon and flowers from Hobby Lobby for $9.36
and whipped up my little creation.



I first wanted to try to just pin the ribbon to the hat so that
 I can wear it without all the flowers,
 but eventually I pulled out the hot glue gun.

Oh well, it was only $12.99!

Then I cut the flowers from the stem and hot glued them on the side of the hat.

I will have to share more pics with it on me this weekend.
But my model was so sweet to help me out today,
although he might not agree when I bring certain hat modeling pictures
out when prom rolls around!


aPearantly sew said...

What a cute hat! I love hats. I just wish I could pull them off. I want to see pics of you wearing this hat! :)

Amy said...

Oh that hat is super cute :)