Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Year and some Big Changes

Happy New Year!
Life has changed quite a bit for me in the last few months.
Both of the kiddos are in school and I suddenly have time to work again.
I started working this fall part time and have really enjoyed it.  
It's perfect for my schedule.  I am able to pick up my boys and work while they are in school.  The girls I work with are great and its some extra money.  But I also started looking into a teaching position that I would have never thought of doing just months ago.
A friend of mine surprised me when she mentioned she was an adjunct professor at a local community college.  This peaked my interest and I decided I would apply to 2 of the local community colleges.  BOTH called me back and I was shocked!  
I interviewed with both and they each hired me.  
Nerves, excitement, more nerves!!
This was back in late September.  Things didn't work out with on of the schools so I am teaching Introduction to Oral Communication this semester. 
 Yes the dreaded speech class.
I have 3 classes this semester and started just a few weeks ago.
I love it.  
The students are great, classes are small and I really love it.
Hoping for a good year. Its going to be very, very busy but that's a good thing.