Wednesday, September 12, 2012


These boys have quite the busy life. 
4 nights a week of soccer practice between the two of them.
But I much prefer them running around outside than bored at home.
We headed over to the park for some playtime before little one's practice, they ended up starting a football game with a couple other kids.
Gotta love the camera+ app and instagram pics!

By the way, the little one is fast...very fast!
He always outruns his big brother.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Football football

Football is back and my UCF Knights had a big, huge game today vs. Ohio State.   I received an email from the young alumni association (which apparently I am no longer a part of because I graduated over a decade ago from UCF...whatever) to a watch party downtown.
I asked my sweet friend Molly (also a UCF alum) to join me and we had a great time. We got tons of freebies, had lunch and lots of pink drinks.  Too bad the Knights didn't win, but oh well it was a fun day.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Latest Work

Just a quick picture of my latest quilt
the top is done, just need to finish it up...
Loving Instagram pictures by the way, I am @ kristinheaney

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer stuff

Still trying to catch up my blog. I've taken a break from it for quite a few months and miss it!
Summer's been over around here for two weeks now.  Both boys are in school, soccer practice is four nights a week.  I am the PTA president and have started working again.  We are moving fast, sometimes too fast but I like it this way.  Summer is not my favorite time of the year, I prefer the fall any day. 
And it's finally here.
But back to summer, we spent most of our time in a pool.  Whether it was our own pool, my sister's community pool or at a resort...we were usually near water.

Our family from Colorado came out to see us this time and we headed to the beach. 
These cousins adore each other. 
 Especially the oldest and the youngest. 
My oldest tried surfing and decided it wasn't for him, surprise surprise! 
But boogie boarding is just right.

This baby turned 7, SEVEN! 
Unbelievable that he is halfway to fourteen.  Sweet baby.
Spongebob birthday party at the local trampoline/dodgeball warehouse.

And these cousins spent some time lounging in the pool on the weekends.
Hard to believe these three are no longer preschoolers. 

 Bye summer 2012.
Working on a few quilting projects for friends.  A little girl's princess quilt and once that is finished some superhero quilts for the boys.